10 Steps to Ensure Your Restaurant is Giving the Best Impression

Posted on Jul 24, 2015

10 Steps to Ensure Your Restaurant is Giving the Best Impression

Working in the restaurant industry requires an attention to detail, but not to one detail; attention to 1,000 details.

There are several that guests pay special attention to – the key contact points they notice when entering and dining in your restaurant. In order to maintain repeat customers and appeal to new ones, take a look at these 10 key contact points from Restaurant Hospitality Magazine to ensure your restaurant is giving the best impression.

  1. Encourage callers to come and visit the restaurant.
  2. Make sure the parking lot is clean, all lights are working and advertisements are updated.
  3. Be sure the host/hostess greets and thanks each guest.
  4. Make sure the restroom is clean and fully stocked.
  5. Make sure the dining tables are stable, in good shape and covered with clean tablecloths.
  6. Maintain a clean floor and full condiments on each table before seating new guests.
  7. Present the food hot with the proper garnish.
  8. The wait staff is knowledgeable of all products and have a professional and clean appearance.
  9. Guest checks are accurate and any issues are resolved quickly.
  10. Every team member greets, smiles, welcomes and thanks each guest.

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