Proud to be “Best Green Supplier Partner”

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Proud to be “Best Green Supplier Partner”

Virginia Linen Service has been recognized as the top supplier of green products and services to other green companies in the state of Virginia. This award was presented by Virginia Green , a statewide program that works to reduce the environmental impacts of Virginia’s Tourism Industry.

Gus Kefalas and Bridget Marshall were presented this award on behalf of Virginia Linen Service at the Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association’s  VA-1 Tourism Summit. Virginia Linen Service’s green products and services have been recognized as helping other Virginia Green participants achieve their own “green” initiatives.

Practicing green methods and providing environmentally friendly products have always been a part of Virginia Linen’s culture. We invest in the latest technology to reduce our energy and water consumption in our plants. We encourage our customers to use reusable textile products that reduce the use of disposable goods which fill landfills and increase the carbon footprint. All our efforts are aimed to reduce the use of precious natural resources and to make our communities a healthier and better place to live. We are excited our company has been recognized by an organization that shares a common goal.
Virginia Green

Visit Virginia Linen Service’s Green page  for more information.


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