Sales Leader Review

Below are five important things for you to cover during your regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings.

1. Set the Tone-Agenda- Desired Result – Get agreement on the purpose of the conversation.

2. Look at Green Zone what’s working –  Focus on something positive the rep did since your last meeting. The goal is to maximize and expand what is working. Success begats Success.

3. Discuss the last meeting’s action items and preview items for this week. What are the top 3 opportunities for next week. Make sure they have scheduled meetings when th each. if not make them before end of day. Review their crazy contacting  goal for new propspects they will doing on Monday.

4. Talk about the strategy and action. -What is standing between each opportunity and the financial finish line? Avoid tangents and therapy. Stick to action items and conversations. This is also a time to remind your rep where you will enter the process. That is a flip call.  Use the flash cards that have been developed.

5. What resources and support do they need.  In takes a village to win in today’s environment.

Keep the meeting focused on goal achievement,  letting go of defeats, celebrate success and be prepared to hir the bricks running and have a better week than we had this week next week.