Create a Relaxing Spa Atmosphere in 8 Simple Steps

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When you think of the word ‘spa,’ a universal picture likely comes into your mind. While each spa is unique, there are core pieces that make them the ideal place to let go of stress and embrace deep relaxation. The details are largely dependent on each spa owner’s personal preferences, the purpose of the spa and the amenities it offers, but these eight components are what invoke the collective ‘ahhh’ that comes from a day at the spa. Read on to discover what your clients want in their spa environment and what you can do to provide it for them.

1. Create a Clean and Organized Space

Clutter induces stress (and collects dust!). A clean, minimalist space creates room for clients to breathe and clear their minds. If you have necessary items that must be stored in plain sight, either for your staff or your clients to access, consider decorative storage bins or cabinets where those accessories can hide away until they’re needed. Linens can be rolled and placed into wicker baskets, and any lotions, oils or other service products should be tucked out of sight.

2. Play Soothing Music

When it comes to creating the right ambiance for an ideal spa experience, what clients hear is just as important as what they see. While stark silence shouldn’t be an option, you also don’t want to play the latest Justin Bieber hits, no matter how much your staff loves him. Choose music without lyrics, avoid anything with pitchy instruments or driving rhythms, and be cognizant of the volume level. The music should add to the overall experience but not steal the show, so that clients can focus on their experience and not the elements that create it.

3. Choose Calming Colors

Just like the cleanliness of a room can affect a client’s mood and ability to relax, so can the colors you choose when painting and decorating. Choose soft, soothing colors such as whites, beiges, blues and greens. If you have a primarily feminine client base, you can also throw in some soft pink hues, but that’s only if you aren’t likely to have any male clients. Avoid strong pops of color or anything particularly bold. Just like the music, the surroundings should be soft and welcoming, not intrusive or attention-grabbing. If choosing paint colors isn’t your gift, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of 16 calming paint colors to help create a relaxing environment.   

4. Tickle All the Senses

While it may be easy to remember to make your visual and auditory experience pleasant for guests, the way your spa smells is just as important to the relaxing atmosphere and overall experience. Choose a calming scent such as jasmine, lavender, sage, vanilla, or eucalyptus to please the senses and relax both body and mind. Incense, candles, and essential oils are all great choices to distribute these scents, but avoid making any scent too concentrated, and never place multiple, competing scents in the same space. This can lead to headaches and nausea, especially for guests with more sensitive sniffers.

5. Bring the Outside In

Nature is the winning theme is most every spa, and utilizing plants in your decor is one of the easiest ways to bring the outside in. Plants create a healthy and tranquil atmosphere, and add a decorative element as well. Popular choices are bamboo, aloe vera, orchids and peace lilies, but the list is endless when it comes to greenery. Whatever plants you choose, be mindful of how much light they are going to need, whether they prefer a humid or dry environment, and how much maintenance they require. We recommend staying away from cactus plants because, well, sharp needles don’t exactly scream ‘just relax!’

6. Choose the Right Artwork

By now you’ve probably noticed a theme, but when choosing your artwork, stick with nature. A soft, soothing watercolor landscape or photos of fields of flowers will do the trick. The art on your walls can help bring nature into your spa and give guests a feeling of peace and calm. If you have a bit larger budget, features such as a rock waterfall or trickling fountain can add an artistic aesthetic while also helping to create that peaceful acoustic from point number two.

7. Be Attentive to Your Lighting

We can probably all agree that fluorescent lighting isn’t flattering to anyone, and sunshine is welcome when you’re laying at the beach but not necessarily while you’re enjoying a massage or getting a facial. While natural light is great for your waiting area, treatment rooms and common areas should have versatile options for lighting. You may want the room to be a bit brighter while guests are changing or getting ready, but much dimmer for treatments. Consider installing dimmer switches, or utilizing multiple small lamps, decorative lanterns, or candles to provide the perfect lighting for relaxation…and maybe a nap.

8. Provide Luxurious, Fresh Linens

Besides sight, sound, and smell, touch is a sense that is essential in any spa experience. This is where we come in. Scratchy towels, worn-out sheets or a stained facial cloth can quickly ruin a client’s experience at your spa and damage your reputation as a clean and safe place to relax. Fluffy, absorbent linens that are quick to dry and clean in their appearance are the preferred option for spa guests, so make sure you are covered in this vital area. Consider providing robes and oversized towels for massage or sauna experiences, and extra soft cloths for facials and pedicures. Choose light-colored or white linens that are professionally cared for by a commercial laundry service to ensure guests feel they are using clean, fresh linens each time. Don’t forget the linens for your massage tables as well, since those are up close and personal with your guests for longer periods of time, and may end up with lotion or oils on them, which are harder stains to remove.  

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