Donald Struminger Recognized by the TRSA

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Donald Struminger Recognized by the TRSA

Chairman of the Board and CEO of Your Linen Service, Donald Struminger was recognized in the Textile Services magazine for his contributions to the textile service industry. Donald Struminger has led Your Linen Service to great heights and continues to move the company forward. Steve Fellman, who is the author of the article, has been counsel for the Textile Rental Service Association for 47 years.

Excerpt from the article:

I have been privileged and honored to have had the opportunity to watch this industry grow and mature and participate in the evolution of a modern textile service industry. During the years, I have also met many wonderful people and watched the rise and fall of a host of companies. Many of the people who I have worked with, I consider not only business colleagues but also personal friends.

Textile Services Magazine asked me to take a “walk down memory lane” and write an article describing some of the most memorable TRSA chairmen that I have worked with in the past 47 years. It would have been easier to write a book, than an article.

… Don Struminger

Don Struminger is truly unique. An engineer who graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University, he took over a family business based in Petersburg, VA and built it into a regional powerhouse. Don’s mind never stops working, whether it’s a political issue, plant efficiency, customer service or the maintenance of his boat. He constantly questions everything and, in the process raises the level of knowledge of the entire industry. Don is the perennial devil’s advocate. But he pushes and pushes until the issues are resolved. He is meticulous with details. When he was elected TRSA President, he was one of the youngest people ever to have held that office, and he challenged the Board to move forward with new concepts and re-evaluated accepted industry practices. Working with Don is always a learning experience and with David Struminger now on the TRSA Board. I have had the opportunity to work with three generations of this family.

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