Local Linen Service Company Celebrates 80 Years of Service

Posted on Nov 25, 2014

Local Linen Service Company Celebrates 80 Years of Service

Your Linen Service is proud to announce the celebration of their 80th anniversary in the textile rental and commercial laundry service industry. Eighty years is not a milestone that many family-owned businesses achieve, but Your Linen Service has accomplished this with grace, commitment, hard work, and a clear vision that has kept their company a leader in the industry. Founded in 1934 by brothers Moe, Henry, and Irving Struminger, the company transitioned to Donald Struminger, the Company’s current Chairman, and is now led by his son David Struminger who is the current President and COO. Together, they carry on the family tradition.

Your Linen Service has been a pioneer in the textile rental and commercial laundry business since 1934. With its roots as a family laundry and dry cleaning business Your Linen Service remains local and independently owned. Upon making the decision to concentrate their efforts on linen and uniform rental and commercial laundry Your Linen Service has grown rapidly and now includes a 10-state service market area from New Jersey to South Carolina and from Virginia to Ohio. Your Linen Service and its affiliated companies proudly serve the restaurant, healthcare, hospitality, and industrial markets. Their number one goal has always been to treat all customers as “Kings and Queens”.

From their innovative and eco-friendly initiatives, unique sustainable products, to their customer-oriented and community driven values, Your Linen Service has stayed a step ahead of their competitors in the industry. They hold true to their motto of being an “energy efficient company protecting the health of the communities we serve” by implementing resourceful and hygienic linen handling processes.

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