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From Riches to Rags!


Using our mixed linen RAGS is a great way to be green!

Your Linen Service now offers boxes of rags! These mixed rags are perfect for cleaning grills, fryers, and your toughest messes! You do not have to waste a roll of paper towels or abuse linen by using the wrong item to clean up a mess!


Save money and do your part to help protect the environment.



We recycle our textiles. Used linens make their way through our industry all the time and we want to give them a second chance. Those once beautiful sheets, exquisite table linens and elegant dinner napkins now can be yours for whatever you please! Just think of all the dirt and grim you can clean up with these disposable recycled rags. You can feel good about it too, re-purposing textiles is just another way to create a greener future. Our recycled mixed rags are cut into roughly 20×20″ squares. These cleaning cloths come in a mix of colors and fabrics (poly-cotton blend, 100% polyester, and 100% cotton) and we have enough for you to buy in bulk!


Available in:

  • Bulk
  • 15 x 15 x 16 Boxes
  • 8 x 8 x 11 Boxes


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