Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Start Renting Your Uniforms

Posted on May 13, 2021 | 0 comments

Confession time…it’s always the perfect time to start renting your uniforms. The reasons why are many and varied from business to business, but here are some of the top reasons clients have cited for using a local linen company for their uniform needs instead of purchasing and laundering them on their own. See if these reasons make sense for your business, too – then give us a call.

Renting Uniforms:

Saves You Money

If you want your uniforms to last and you’re going to need them to look great for the long haul, renting will give you the biggest bang for your buck. While it may initially seem less expensive to purchase your uniforms outright, most business owners don’t account for the ongoing expenses of laundering, storing, repairing and replacing uniforms. Have a forgetful employee who consistently misplaces his or her apron? If you bought your uniforms outright, you’re out of luck, and probably almost out of aprons. If you’re renting, you just get a replacement apron – problem solved. One flat rate per billing cycle ensures that no matter what happens, your employees will look great and you won’t have to sweat the small stuff.

Keeps Your Image Clean

Cleanliness and image have always been important for business, but that is especially so since the Covid-19 pandemic. If your 17-year-old bus boy isn’t the best at doing laundry, chances are his white uniform isn’t looking so hot after last week’s chili spill. This isn’t just true for restaurants, but medical facilities, hotels, salons, and janitorial staff. Uniform cleanliness speaks volumes about the level of excellence your business provides, and sloppy employees will turn away customers before you have a chance to pass out the Tide To-Go sticks. Especially if your industry deals with food, motor oil, grease, or chemicals, renting uniforms ensures every employee’s outfit is properly handled by a commercial laundry service and looks crisp and clean every time.

Keeps You On-Task

Unless you own a laundromat, you likely don’t specialize in doing laundry. If you’ve purchased your uniforms outright and don’t trust that bus boy with keeping his whites looking white, it’s up to you to ensure your uniforms are properly cleaned and repaired. We’ve already discussed why using a standard residential washing machine is a bad idea for businesses (see our previous blog post here), but besides the germy side-effects, it’s also a poor use of your time as a business owner or manager. Replacing buttons, patching holes, storing extra uniforms, removing tough stains, ensuring you have the correct sizes, and maintaining the integrity of the material all become your problem if you own your uniforms. We’re guessing you don’t have time for that. Let us help.

Makes Change Easy

Things change constantly, especially now. Logos change, colors change, needs change, and employees change. Maybe your extra tall, special order uniform employee just quit…and walked out wearing his uniform. You’re not only out the uniform, but also the money that went into purchasing, laundering, storing and maintaining it. Renting ensures your uniforms can adapt with your growing and changing business needs without significantly impacting your bottom line or causing you unnecessary headache. 

Protects Your Brand

When linens aren’t properly cared for, you encounter problems like fading, fraying, thinning, and discoloration. Over time, your uniforms will no longer look…well…uniform. Your employees are your brand ambassadors, and keeping them looking fresh, clean, and identical in their professional appearance is key to building trust and rapport with customers. Identical uniform appearance also supports feelings of pride and belonging among employees and enhances a team atmosphere.

To sum it all up, renting uniforms saves time, money and stress for business owners and managers, and presents a cleaner and more professional workforce to represent your brand. If you’re ready to ditch your laundry duties and leave it to the professionals, we’d be happy to discuss options that fit your business and meet your needs.

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