Services & Textiles

Restaurant Services

Aprons, Bar, Butcher & Deli Bib Aprons (6 colors + white cotton)
Bistro Aprons
Cobbler Aprons
Bar Mops Kitchen
Grill Wipes/Rags
Micro Fiber “Eco” Counter Towels
Napkins (100% Egyptian Cotton/Spun Polyester)
Table Linen (100% Egyptian Cotton/Spun Polyester)
Chef Coats – White/Black
“M”-Wear Executive Chef Coats
Kitchen Shirts – White/Black Pants (White/Checked/Black Baggies)

Hospitality Hotel/Inn

200 Thread Count Bed Linen (White & Bone)
Luxury 250 Thread Count Bed Linen
Terry Towels (White & Bone)
Luxury Terry Towels
Hospitality Image Apparel

Healthcare Textiles

Patient Gowns

  • Standard Economy
  • Modesty Wrap Around
  • IV – Telemetry
  • Mammography
  • Mother’s Gowns
  • Children Gowns
  • Deluxe Oversized Gowns

Warm-up Jackets
Lab Coats – Men and Women
Protective Garments
Surgical Garments
Children and Adult Pajamas
Bed Linen
Blankets – Thermal and Bath
Draw Sheets
Knitted Fitted Sheets
Geri Pads
Doctor Towels
Surgical Towels
Surgical Drapes
Adult Bibs
Sanitizing Soap
Microfiber “Eco” Mops and Towels

Hygiene Services

Antibacterial Soaps
Hand Sanitizers
Hands Free Products
Air Fresheners
Cotton Hand Toweling
Paper Towels
Toilet Tissue
Auto Flush


Waffle Weave Robes
Massage Towels
Luxury Towels
Luxury 250 Thread Count Sheets

Image Apparel


Custom Logo

  • Entrance Mats
  • Product Promotion
  • Safety
  • Company Logo
  • Greeting
  • Inspirational
  • Message

Mat Sizes: 2×3, 3×5, 4×6, 3×10 (Custom sizes available upon request)

  • Hallways
  • Lobbies
  • Coffee Area
  • Kitchen
  • Rest Room
  • Grocery
  • Copy Machine

Micro Guard Mats
Safety-Quality Scraper

Dust Control Services

Micro Fiber Mops and Wipes
Dust Mops
Wet Mops
Treated Dust Cloths
Disposable Rags

Executive Garments

Shirts/Pants Logo
Polo Shirts

Industrial Services

Printer’s Towels
Shop Towels–Color Coded for Different Applications
Fender Covers
Go Jo Products
Soaps and Hand Sanitizers

Barber & Beauty

Barber & Beauty Towels
Hairstylist Towels

Industrial Garments

Uniforms (Men & Women)
100% Cotton Uniforms
Polo Shirts
Custom Name and Company Emblems
Work Jackets
Shop Coats
Jump Suits
Counter Coats/Smocks