Dust Control



Our linen service offers a variety of dust control products. Making a great first impression on your guests with a clean facility will be easy with our dust control products. In addition to helping you keep your facility sparkling, you can reduce allergens with our products designed for dust mite control, making your guests even more comfortable. Our plants use commercial, sophisticated equipment to ensure that you get ready-to-use products every time. We inventory a full range of sizes, colors, and styles of dust control products. Your representative will help you select the right products for your dust control program.


Let your customers know that you have thought of everything, from floor to ceiling when it comes to providing a clean, enjoyable atmosphere. Our linen service custom mats will protect your entrance floors, and make a great first impression with your company logo, slogan or image on the mat.

• Custom Logo: Entrance Mats, Product Promotion, Safety, Greeting, Inspirational, Message, Walk-Off Mats

• Mat Sizes: 2×3, 3×5, 4×6, 3×10 (Custom sizes available upon request)
Our protective mats not only protect your flooring, but also keep customer and employees safe from slips caused by slick, wet floors.


Improve employee productivity by preventing tired feet at your workstations with our Comfort Flow Mats. These mats insulate against cold floors and add traction when grease and water make the surface dangerous, and keep your employees’ feet happy!We offer the following through our mat rental program:
• Micro Guard Mats
• Anti-Fatigue Mats
• Safety-Quality
• Scraper
• Kitchen


Cleaner, safer and better-looking floors are easily maintained with our mops. Our dust, wet and microfiber mops come in a variety of sizes (18″, 24″, 36″, 48″ and larger), and are easy to use due to the heavy-duty hardware that swivels a full 360 degrees, so you can reach the dirt wherever it hides. Our wet mops are made of anti-bacterial fibers that prevent odor and mildew, and our synthetic dust mops are specifically designed for dust control and pick dirt up instead of just moving it around.

Plus, our mop heads are color-coded by size, so each department or function can have its own equipment, making janitorial operations headache-free. And the best part, we provide all the handles at no charge, leaving you with nothing to buy and no hidden costs.

Your linen service offers a variety of Shop Towels, Rags & Wipes. Every business needs them. We give our customers a choice of 100% cotton and mixed rags. Our rags come in 5 lb. and 25 lb. box packaging.


A Solution to Pollution. Whether you call them towels or wipers, we have developed a safe, environmentally compatible, cost effective system for providing you with all-purpose exclusive color coded shop towels:

Yellow – Used exclusively by body shops that need the assurance that their towels are not used in other areas.
Orange – Used ONLY in areas where exposure to metal shavings is possible.
Blue – For normal grease, dirt, and oil uses.
White – Used ONLY at printers to assure that wipers are not used in any other areas.

SINGLE SERVICE TOWEL (SST)single service towel

Our Route Sales People will help you choose the right towel for the job.

Blue, SST – for heavy soil or industrial applications
Eco SST, Green – ideal for hospitality and general use
Pastel, SST – for heavy soil applications


In addition to being able to customize your linen delivery schedule, you can call on us at anytime for additional services. We understand the importance of always being prepared for last minute changes in your guests’ needs, or for emergencies. For that reason, you will always have a reserve supply of linens, garments and custom logo mats available, which we can deliver as necessary.

Contact us for a free cost analysis and more information on how our linen service products and services help differentiate your facility and operate more efficiently.