We service a variety of businesses from national chain hotels and hospitals, to locally-owned family restaurants. Whether it is providing table linens, bed linens, medical or hospital apparel, microfiber towels or dust control services, our customers are happy to share their experiences with Your Linen Service.

Hughes Center for Exceptional Children

Danny Tate

The Hughes Center for Exceptional Children opened its doors in 2007. We are a Residential Therapeutic Hospital with approximately 49 residents who live here 356 days of a year. Before opening the doors we had to find a linen service that could supply the needs of our residents. My job was to find that company. I went around and talked to several linen companies that supplied our area. I even went to some of the local business to see how they liked the service they were getting from their linen service. I called a company by the name of Virginia Linen [ Bedford ] and scheduled an appointment to discuss the needs of our company. The Sales Representative came to our facility to actually see what we needed. After meeting with my supervisor and we discussed their products, we decided to go with Virginia Linen Service. The reason we decided to go with them is because they took the time to visit our facility and discuss our specific needs and the other companies just sent us their price quote. Anytime we need anything extra or we need to add to out order all we have to do is pick up the phone and call, it’s on the next truck or if we need it sooner they will make a special trip to deliver the product. Anytime the Sales Representative or Manager comes to our facility they always have a smile on their face and will take the time to talk to you. The service they give our facility is far more than anyone could ask for. I have recommended Virginia Linen Service to other companies and will continue to do so in the future.

I wanted to send a note to let the Virginia Linen Service [ Richmond ] know what a helpful and kind thing their staff member Javier did this Saturday morning.

Javier was making a delivery and saw that our presenter for a special program was having trouble moving her supply cart into the building. He dropped what he was doing and helped her by pushing the cart into the building for her. I was on my way out to help her when I saw him rush over to assist without being asked.

People don’t get enough credit for situations when they go above and beyond their job. I’d like to make sure his good deed did not go unnoticed.

Thank you~ Kareemah Hamdan
Chesterfield County Public Library, Virginia

Massage Envy

Kent Swarts, Co-Owner

Virginia Linen Service [ Richmond ] has been one of our vital vendors in this process. Without regular service and availability of linens we are not able to perform our service. I wanted to thank you and the entire team at Virginia Linen for the outstanding service you have given and continue to provide us. You and your service team have worked with us diligently to assist in our needs during the past 3 years.”

“I would recommend Virginia Linen to anyone looking for a true partner in their business. As with anything in life, it is not always smooth sailing every day. But with your vendor relationships, it’s how the company responds to issues and takes responsibility. Virginia Linen has always communicated and worked with us to resolve any problems and challenges that we have had.”

Buckeye Linen has been our linen provider for most of our thirty plus years in business at the Buxton Inn in Granville, Ohio.

Their deliverymen are courteous, helpful and consistent in delivering their product. Special needs for parties and busy weekends are met promptly and without hesitation. The product is of good quality, and meets the needs of a white tablecloth, upscale restaurant.

Buckeye Linen Service has proven to be very reliable for the Buxton Inn.”

-Audrey, Owner
The Buxton Inn, Granville, Ohio

Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates

Lucy Vacco, Office Manager

We have been using Virginia Linen [ Charlottesville ] for almost 15 years. We have stayed with them because of their dependability and great customer service. Anytime we have a problem they immediately resolve it. The staff is courteous and always very helpful. We have been approached by many other companies over the years trying to offer us better service. We believe in standing by a company that has been there for us for almost 15 years. We are very satisfied with the service and quality that we receive from Virginia Linen.

We at Rosemary’s Thyme Bistro would just like to give some feedback to Virginia Linen Service [ Springfield ]. We first heard about your company from our general manager at the DC location. He told us about your company and told us to give it a try. We have now been a customer for 5 years. Your products and services have been cleaner and better than previous companies that we have used. Your customer service has also been exceptional. We thank you for catering to our needs. It has been very helpful switching to the set amounts of linen that we get every week. The biggest benefit that we have seen from your company is that the products and service have been great and the delivery person is to be commended for his professionalism. Again we thank you for listening to our needs and keeping us stocked and supplied!

Don Dogu
Rosemary’s Thyme Bistro

Arucola Osteria Italiana

Mahe M. Bogdanovic

I have been a loyal customer of  Virginia Linen Service of Maryland since the late 1990’s. As their products have always been on an equal par with their competitors I never felt the need to look for another linen purveyor. What does set them apart from their competition is the personal care I receive as their customer. When I have had the need to contact the office for additional products or concerns I have always been greeted in a friendly and concerned manner, and have, as yet, continually been satisfied with the final results. The initial reason for my change to Virginia Linen’s was for that exact reason; the previous company was not accommodating in the least, there was no personal care and their prices were constantly changing.

I was a bit concerned when Virginia Linen initially became my purveyor but I may honestly say that their handling of my account has exceeded my expectations and believe that we have forged a very impressive working relationship.

The mere fact that I am, after a minimum of thirteen years, as an uninterrupted customer of Virginia Linen Service of Maryland should speak louder than any testimonial I may write. In this case actions really do speak louder than words.

Two years ago, having had problems with another provider, we began a search for a new linen provider. Outsourcing was the only option due to limited space at our facility and staffing. Having seen Sanitary Linen Service’s [ Norfolk ] colorful trucks on the road we got the phone number and called for a quote.

We have found both product and service to be better than what we previously had. We’ve had issues with shortages and receiving the wrong linen, but the company is always quick to respond and resolve the problem. The Driver and Route Supervisors are always professional and friendly with customer satisfaction as their top priority. That is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all you do and we look forward to continuing our business relationship with Sanitary Linen Service.

Rose Durham
SURA Residence Facility

The Galley

Audrey Moodie, Assistant Manager

The Galley first heard about Sanitary Linen Service [ Parkersburg ] when we were looking at different linen companies and comparing prices. It didn’t take us long to decide that Sanitary Linen‘s prices were the best. We have been a loyal customer for about a year.

Compared to our past linen companies, Sanitary Linen offers everything we need: table linens, mats, personalized mats with our logo, linen napkins, soiled linen bags, and even the handy soiled linen bag stretcher. We have done numerous special events at our restaurant and have been able to get various colored linens. The linens are always neatly pressed and spotless, something we couldn’t get with our previous linen service.

We are able to get deliveries whenever we need them. If we find we are running low on something, all we have to do is pick up the phone and call the company and they will deliver the same day. The delivery driver is always extremely polite and helpful.

Overall we are more than satisfied with our experience with Sanitary Linen. No company around this area can compare with their prices or product.

We knew about your company [ Sanitary Linen Service, Parkersburg ] for decades, as we see your trucks everywhere. Also, my father used your service when he operated a service station during the 70’s and 80’s. When we started our auto repair business in 1993, we contacted your office for service. We have been pleased with every truck driver that has shown up at our door to deliver and pick up dirty rags. They are courteous, pleasant and professional. Any problem over the years has been resolved quickly and satisfactorily. Your price has remained reasonable even when other services have drastically increased. Your service is extremely dependable and that is a blessing that saves us much time. We have appreciated your service all these years and the hard work from your dedicated employees.

Kevin & Rebecca Arbogast
Arbogast Service Center

The Art of Acupuncture Wellness Center

Yi-Jun Lin, Licensed Acupuncturist

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your [ Tarheel Linen Service, Charlotte ] company for the effortless transfer of our linen service to your company. The quality of the linens brings extra value to our customers and helps to maintain our image as a high quality health care provider. In addition, the level of customer service has been outstanding including the level of service received from your delivery personnel and the customer service representatives in your office.

Any minor issues or changes to our order have been quickly and efficiently resolved. This has not been our experience with other linen service providers, and your company’s focus on customer service is greatly appreciated.

Thank you again for providing such a high level of product and customer service satisfaction.