New Year and a New Location for Local Linen Company

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New Year and a New Location for Local Linen Company

CHARLOTTE – Tarheel Linen Service, Inc. is celebrating the New Year in a new location, conveniently located to serve their customers in the restaurants, hospitality and healthcare industries with more precision and effectiveness. Spurred by demand for a quality driven, responsive service company in the local market, the company recently completed a move into a new facility offering more space and access to upgraded technology to enhance its personalized service to the market.

General Manager, Doug Pritchett, said, “We are excited with our new facility and what it means for our team. The close proximity to major highways and downtown Charlotte make this a prime location for responsive service to our customers.” Pritchett went on to reflect on a recent flight he took into Charlotte Douglas International Airport. As the plane descended he saw the linen company’s new building through the window; “It was really exciting to see all of our orange and white checkered trucks lined up in our new parking lot. The perspective from the air gave me a great appreciation of the new location and the great city we serve. I took that moment to pause and reflect on the incredible opportunities our business has had over the past few years to help assist our customers to succeed.”

Based out of Charlotte, Tarheel Linen Service is a family-owned, independently operated company which delivers linen, mats, uniforms and hygiene products to businesses throughout North and South Carolina.

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