Serving Up Safety

Posted on Dec 9, 2016 | Comments Off on Serving Up Safety

Serving Up Safety

On Wednesday, November 30th, members of our Your Linen Service team joined together to partake in an informational First Aid/CPR class hosted by Bubby Bish, the Director of the Southside Virginia Emergency Crew.

Bubby walked our team through frightening potential emergency situations, helping Your Linen Service employees learn how to spot medical emergencies and the procedure to follow once noticing these events taking place. The fun and interactive first aid class allowed for all questions to be answered while we worked step-by-step through various scenarios.

Our company takes pride in putting the safety of our valued team members in the forefront of our minds every day. Your Linen Service is thankful for the eagerness of our employees from several branches to attend this first aid session, knowing they are making their work environment even safer. We firmly believe, the more you work on safety the less you have to hear about accidents.

Special thanks to Bubby Bish for organizing an enjoyable class. You made learning about safety entertaining and helped give our employees the confidence to handle medical emergencies both on the job and while off of the clock.

Your Linen Service employees got to learn everything from the proper way to put on and remove gloves, how to help choking victims and how to handle allergic reactions.

dsc_0301e Featured (left to right): Juan Cruz, Eric Cross.

dsc_0305e Featured (left to right): Eric Cross, Juan Cruz, Bubby Bish.

dsc_0306e Featured: Juan Cruz.